Grimm Avengers

The Grimm Avengers, Or The Terrible Glory Of The Asylum

Some bad movies, like “In the Name of the King,” are meant to be good. They’ve got proper budgets, great actors and at least a vague attempt at a story. Then there are movies like “The Grimm Avengers,” which no one ever expected to be good. Instead, it’s a¬†mockbuster, meaning that it’s kinda meant to…
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Screenshot: Burt Reynolds?

Why Did These Actors Do This Movie?! In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

In terms of bad movies, “Uwe Boll” is a name that means quality. More precisely, it means “lack of quality.” His output has been prodigious, and he’s especially well-known as the king of bad video game movies. The best part is, people somehow keep throwing money at him to make things like “Bloodrayne,” or today’s…
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"It doesn't sound that bad to me."

Welcome To Reel Bad!

Nos morituri te salutamus!¬†(We who are about to die salute you!) – said by gladiators right before they fought to the death Some movies are good. The best of them become legends, cult favorites or classics, and they have enough fans that people still talk about them decades later: “The Godfather,” “Raiders of the Lost…
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